Young Isaac #2

Some news and notes from the road … The Young Isaac guys were blessed to stay with a wonderful host family in Point Pleasant, NJ. The guy and his daughter slept on the floor and gave us their beds … such hospitality!

We’re in Ocean City, NJ, right now, preparing to play for a project outreach. This will be the first time we get to play our full set and share the gospel from stage, so we’re excited about that. The Ocean City Summer Project students have been out on the boardwalk sharing their faith and promoting the outreach all week, so we’re hoping for a good turnout. Keep us in your prayers!

Young Isaac

Proof of Purchase

Hi Ya’ll,

I just wanted to ask for prayer on behalf of Proof of Purchase. This morning at 5:30 am their time (they are in Colorado), they had to take their drummer (Chris) to the emergency room. His symptoms sound like food poisoning, but he was in pretty severe pain. They are still at the doctor’s right now, so pray for wisdom for the doctors and healing for Chris. This is a day off for the band, and they don’t have another gig until Saturday night. Pray for Amy and Mike too, their directors, I know they are really worried about Chris. Thanks.

Summer Project Director

Swerve – Walking Mall in Old Town Ft. Collins

So far this was the best venue! It was great for sound, passers-by stopped and stayed, the restaurants and cafes surrounded the stage/amphitheater area and between our two sets we got to talk with people in the audience and they stuck around for the second half of the concert! It was a wonderfully relaxed environment and we were able to connect with people of ally types and ages! Laura and Mary Alice talked with some Jehovah’s Witnesses who were in Ft. Collins for a large Jehovah’s Witnesses conference– Mark, Mary, and Bobbie — Kristen (there with Proof of Purchase was raised a Jehovah’s Witness and then left and became a Christian in college) joined Laura in the conversation about Jehovah’s Witnesses beliefs and we were able to challenge them with the truth of Christ’s deity! Continue reading “Swerve – Walking Mall in Old Town Ft. Collins”

Swerve – Downtown Estes Park

This was a wonderful partnership with Student Venture — the High School Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ! We performed in a small park downtown and the students talked with people who stuck around to hear our concert!

Joey’s guitar neck broke when we were covering the equipment to shelter it from the rain. By God’s grace, Proof of Purchase was also in Estes Park, and Charles was gracious enough to lend Joey his extra guitar. Continue reading “Swerve – Downtown Estes Park”

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