Soul seed connection 2

Hello friends,

God has definately shown us favor over the past few days. We have been in Fredricksburg, VA staying with a great host family, Lori D’s cousins, Glen and Trish! They have been such a blessing to us, and we have gleaned a lot of wisdom from them. They have three of the most adorable children and these three little girls have loved on us since day one. You should have seen us this morning getting hugs and kisses and then blowing kisses to them as we drove away. We wish we could take them on the road with us but they have to be in bed by 8:00pm! Continue reading “Soul seed connection 2”

Conference done, wow!

Hello Everyone,

Blessings and hugs from POP! Well, we are now in Fort Collins, CO, and looking forward to a day and a half off before our next gig at CSU. The Student Venture conference ended today. It was bittersweet to leave.

The sweet came from the fact that we are all seriously exhausted. The bitter came from having to leave our new friends and move on from the amazing things God did. Continue reading “Conference done, wow!”

Update on MangoFish

Hey, all. I just spoke with Joy T. who’s the tour manager for MangoFish. She was calling from the side of the road after blowing a tire on the van (they’re in the 12 passenger van pulling a trailer). They were waiting for AAA to arrive to tow them. This was to be a day off in Orlando. Funny how these things work out.

Anyway continue to pray for them and for all of our teams as they seek to make Christ known through music.

Keynote Artist Promotion


Hey everyone! Man it’s awesome how God’s been working in everyone’s bands so far! We arrived in south carolina, bobby’s stompin grounds (he let out a “yeehaw” when we crossed the border), on thursday night. Our first show was on a deck on Myrtle beach, an interesting setup that resulted in Raul and Ethan standing on benches, but the student venture kids we were playing to loved us. We weren’t able to share the gospel or use comment cards, but I’m fully confident that God used us there to further His kingdom. Continue reading “MangoFish!!!”

Young Isaac Update

Greetings from New Jersey, where the seagulls are as big as chickens and everyone talks like George Costanza’s mother. Young Isaac just played two shows for students and adults at a handicapped school in Point Pleasant, NJ. We only hope we had as much impact on the kids as they did on us! We’re currently staying with some wonderful host families and preparing for a day off in NYC. If we make it out of the Big Apple alive, we’ll be headed for Ocean City on Thursday. We’re praying for y’all!

Young Isaac

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