Hey everyone! Man it’s awesome how God’s been working in everyone’s bands so far! We arrived in south carolina, bobby’s stompin grounds (he let out a “yeehaw” when we crossed the border), on thursday night. Our first show was on a deck on Myrtle beach, an interesting setup that resulted in Raul and Ethan standing on benches, but the student venture kids we were playing to loved us. We weren’t able to share the gospel or use comment cards, but I’m fully confident that God used us there to further His kingdom. Continue reading “MangoFish!!!”

Young Isaac Update

Greetings from New Jersey, where the seagulls are as big as chickens and everyone talks like George Costanza’s mother. Young Isaac just played two shows for students and adults at a handicapped school in Point Pleasant, NJ. We only hope we had as much impact on the kids as they did on us! We’re currently staying with some wonderful host families and preparing for a day off in NYC. If we make it out of the Big Apple alive, we’ll be headed for Ocean City on Thursday. We’re praying for y’all!

Young Isaac

Proof of Purchase Update

Greetings from the Rockies!!!

We all arrived here on Saturday afternoon safe and sound, praise God! (special thanks to bus drivers Teresa, Kevin, and Mike:) The drive out here was awesome to behold, with the different sceneries and beautiful aspects of the different states. Driving up to the YMCA of the Rockies was especially breathtaking as we rose to our current altitude of 9,000 ft. I can’t put in to words all of our reactions when the first snow-capped mountain came into view…but wow! Our God is huge! Continue reading “Proof of Purchase Update”

g’day mates!

Hello all,

Thanks for praying for us. We certainly experienced God’s grace on our trip here. To make a long story short, we weren’t charged any overages for our luggage…that was huge! We missed a connecting flight…and all 7 of us managed to get on standby. We have a nice day of seeing the beach (the first time Kurtis saw the ocean), etc. in Honolulu. Continue reading “g’day mates!”


Welcome to the first of many emails about God’s work within the ministry of Soul Seed! We are 4 days into are tour and God has given us safe travels all the way from Indiana to Virginia. We had some traveling buddies for our first stop, Young Isaac! Our first stop was VA Beach, Virginia on Friday were we were able to spend time with our brothers and sisters in Christ from Campus Crusade and Impact’s summer outreach projects. It was great getting to fellowship with them and very encouraging to see first hand how God is continually using the ministry of Campus Crusade across the country! Continue reading “SOUL SEED NEWSLETTER : SOUL CONNECTION VOLUME 1”

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