Mango Pascato (not sure i spelled that right)

Hey everyone! Man it’s awesome to see how God is charging full force! Praise God for the amazing numbers from captain O, Praise God for POP’s faith in the face of all their trials! It’s amazing. We are in clearwater beach at the moment, we just played our last show in florida and are now heading back to Indy in the morning. There was some spiritual warfare during the show: during the gospel we had some power issues, but God had convicted 2 of the summer project students to pray right before all that happened, and it turned out fine. We’ll be praying for everyone, please pray for safe travel over the next 2 days and for cool breezes (the van’s AC is out.) Rock on!


Update on MangoFish

Hey, all. I just spoke with Joy T. who’s the tour manager for MangoFish. She was calling from the side of the road after blowing a tire on the van (they’re in the 12 passenger van pulling a trailer). They were waiting for AAA to arrive to tow them. This was to be a day off in Orlando. Funny how these things work out.

Anyway continue to pray for them and for all of our teams as they seek to make Christ known through music.

Keynote Artist Promotion


Hey everyone! Man it’s awesome how God’s been working in everyone’s bands so far! We arrived in south carolina, bobby’s stompin grounds (he let out a “yeehaw” when we crossed the border), on thursday night. Our first show was on a deck on Myrtle beach, an interesting setup that resulted in Raul and Ethan standing on benches, but the student venture kids we were playing to loved us. We weren’t able to share the gospel or use comment cards, but I’m fully confident that God used us there to further His kingdom. Continue reading “MangoFish!!!”

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