MangoFish Update

Hello Friends,Greetings from the Pacific Northwest! The men of MangoFish made a successful but hot 3 day drive out to Idaho for our first show. The air conditioning has not been working despite three different mechanics. The bus is currently up in Spokane, Washington getting fixed. We will rejoin our bus today for our next show.MangoFish has played two shows so far, with our third tonight. We have already seen four decisions for Christ and one rededication! The rededication was last night in Moscow, Idaho. Her name is Samantha.Samantha was at the show with a friend named Kathryn. We were all surprised when we got Kathryn’s comment card. It stated that she was a wiccan and that she “snort[s] cocaine on the Bible.” Our hearts broke when we talked with these two girls. Continue reading “MangoFish Update”

Mangofish Bus Troubles

[from their booking agent] …I talked to them earlier today regarding the bus. They have had issues since they left Indy on Thursday with the air conditioner. They stopped in Wisconsin two days into their trip and had it repaired but it still isn’t working properly. They are now in Moscow, Idaho and are trying to get it fixed again today. I believe Andrew and Ed are taking the bus to Spokane while the rest of the team sets up for their show tonight. Pray for safety and for God to send them to the right place for this repair/that it will truly be fixed!

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