MangoFish in Tennessee

…Before we left Daytona, Florida for Tennessee, we had a chance to go to church on Sunday! We all decided on a drive-in Sunday morning service! Let me tell you it was an experience! When we arrived there, we had someone meet us at the driver’s side door asking if we wanted to take communion, and we were handed little cups of grape juice and bread. When we found a spot to park, we tuned our radios to 88.5 and listened to the preacher. We could see him move every once and a while from the church balcony he was preaching at. It definitely proved that you can worship God anywhere! Continue reading “MangoFish in Tennessee”

Mangofish in Daytona Florida

Since our last update, Mangofish has had 3 other concerts in Florida. Our first concerts was held in Orlando Florida. Our original performance was to be on Campus of The University of Central Florida but we found out that some rules would be broken if we performed there. So our performance was held instead in the parking lot of Steak and Shake around many college apartments. The majority of the audience were Campus Crusade members but its all good. It was encouraging to have talks with them afterwards on what they are up to this summer… Continue reading “Mangofish in Daytona Florida”

MangoFish in Atlanta

…Our last show was at Atlanta Georgia.  When we got there, we were told to lock up any valuables because the place we were at was kind of shady… This performance was a little different as well because it was more of a variety show with multiple [bands]…The purpose of this concert was to bring people that are homeless and have nothing left to Christ.  It was amazing!  They had stands where people could talk about God and the Gospel, places were people could get haircuts for free, clothes for free, food for free and care packages for free.

And if people wanted to turn their life around, if they wanted, they were provided the transportation to a rehab center immediately!  People everywhere were accepting Christ as their savior and I don’t think there was a dry eye anywhere!…

I will keep you updated on our upcoming concerts!

In Christ,

Only just the beginning for Mangofish 2007 tour

Hey Keynote!

Tour is nothing short than AMAZING so far. I`ll just let you in on the highlights. Right off the bat, we had a little tire trouble about a few hours into tour. We found a nail lodged into left rear side of the Expedition. A day later, the bearings came off of our trailer. On top of that, someone ran over the parts! Randall and Jay took good care of us and got our tires in the shop a.s.a.p. Continue reading “Only just the beginning for Mangofish 2007 tour”

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