Mangofish Says Goodbye


This is the last update from Mangofish!! We’re back in Indianapolis after our last two shows. We played in Fort Collins, Colorado, in the Larimer County Jail. It was completely different from any show we had played before, and was a little bit intimidating. At the same time, it was amazing to know that we had the opportunity to make such an impact in the lives of the people in our audience. We had seven people mark down that night that they had started a relationship with Christ, and we feel so blessed to have been allowed to be a part of that. Unfortunately, due to the prison’s rules, we weren’t able to talk to people after the show, but it was still a really great experience.

After Colorado we headed to Ames, Iowa for our last concert. We played in a concert venue called Zekes, which is owned and run by a local church. This show was bittersweet, but we had a blast and finished strong. Most of the members of our audience were members of the local church, and it was great to feel their hospitality and support as we finished off our tour.

We’ve been back in Indianapolis for three days now, and are getting ready to go back to our homes and campuses. Thank you so much for your prayers and support!!

Mangofish (Brandon, Ethan, JJ, Josh, Lindsay, Nolan, Sarah, Travis, and Stephanie)

Mangofish Update

Greetings all,

Here’s another Mangofish tour update. Mangofish is swimming Pacific side right now (we just left California)! We did have another show at Malmstrom Air Force Base which went well, we connected with some of the airmen and played facing the dorms on base, so more people heard us than we thought. One person indicated starting a relationship with God! Overall we had an amazing time there and could see and feel God working. Next was our stop at Yellowstone National Park to work with the Yellowstone Summer Project students. We played in the employees’ pub, which was an interesting – but very fun – experience. We had opportunities to have several good conversations with the park’s summer workers…

From Yellowstone we went to Salinas, California. We played in a Salvation Army community center for an audience that did not really seem to know what to make of our musical style, which added another challenge and created, in the end, a great experience…two people indicated on the comment cards that they accepted Christ that night!! The next night we went to Lake Tahoe to play at their summer project site. One of the [Lake Tahoe Summer Project] students was able to share the gospel with three girls who showed up during the concert as a result of hearing our music.

The next morning we drove to Santa Cruz to play at their summer project outreach. We set up outside a hotel a block away from the boardwalk, and were very excited by the amount of people God brought off the street! …Immediately after the concert the project students hosted a dance party, which drew in even more passers-by. At the time, we were worried we wouldn’t have the same opportunities to talk to people that we are used to, but God really humbled us by allowing for even more meaningful conversations, both with people who had come for the concert, and people who had been drawn in by the music, and people who stopped by to dance afterwards. Five people became Christians that night, and we just felt amazed that God let us be a part of what He’s doing in Santa Cruz…

Now we’re on our way to Colorado for a show in Fort Collins on Thursday. We would really appreciate prayers for our safety (there are a lot of miles to be covered in just a few days), health (some of us have started to get hints of a cold), and unity as a band as we continue in close quarters. (We also are praising God that this hasn’t been a problem so far!!) We’re also praying for the Santa Cruz summer project. So many people in Santa Cruz are searching for meaning, and almost everyone is open to listen. But the hotel that has hosted the summer project there for several years is being torn down after this year, and there’s a possibility that this year’s summer project will be the last. So we’re praying for God’s will to be done.

Thanks for your prayers and support!!

Stephanie (and Mangofish)

Mangofish On Tour


This is Stephanie from Mangofish. I wanted to give an update of our tour. We left on the 16th for our first concert in Dickinson, North Dakota. More than 50 people were there, and two people marked that they had prayed to receive Christ that night!! We could not have been more excited that God was using us like that. The next day we traveled to Medora, North Dakota, with the Badlands summer project, where we played in the city’s center square! We had a big turnout, with people wandering up after hearing the music from other places in town. One girl named Rachel said that she started a relationship with Christ that night, which was especially exciting to the people on the Medora summer project who have been building a relationship with her all summer. A man named Rod shared with us the story of how he had grown up in the church, but wandered away after a terrible injury. After even more personal (and recent) tragedies, on the night of our concert, he was driving through North Dakota and felt God calling him to go to Medora. He stopped and came to our show, where, as we were tearing down, he approached us. Sarah, one of our vocalists, got to pray for him, and he said he felt greatly encouraged and revived.

Right now we’re in Great Falls, Montana, at the Malmstrom Air Force Base. This is our third day here, with one show last night, and another in a few hours.
Last night, we took the place of the base’s casual church service and our audience commented they were especially grateful to hear a non-country music concert. Tonight, we will be performing at the air men’s hang out or commons called, “The Detour”. Our host, Chaplain Wells has created an event where the air men can come, eat, relax, and listen to music so we are excited to see who God will bring! We’ve been so blessed by the hospitality of our hosts, and it’s really been a chance to refresh ourselves for the rest of the tour. We’re praying that God opens the hearts of those who hear us, tonight and in the future, and that we can continue to be used by Him for whatever purposes He has.

Tomorrow we’re leaving for Yellowstone, to work with the summer project there.
We can’t wait and we love seeing what God is doing through us! Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.


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