POP goes the weasel

Good morning everyone,

Christy A. here, with a final update from the POP brigade. We got back to Indiana in time to do our final concert, PRAISE GOD. However, it was a battle. Eugene’s air conditioning broke down again in Nebraska, so we picked up a fan to at least circulate the air in the bus. Losing a luxury such as cold air would not be such a big deal on the road except for the fact that when we left CO, something we refer to as “the plague” hit our band. Continue reading “POP goes the weasel”

Emergency Prayer for POP

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

We need some prayer. A few major attacks have hit our group in the past twenty-four hours. First, Eugene the bus is currently in the shop getting his air conditioning system and a tire fixed. He will be done this afternoon hopefully.

Then, yesterday afternoon, Drew, our tenor, got a sore throat and has ceased talking in an attempt to preserve his voice. Please pray for him. Continue reading “Emergency Prayer for POP”

Proof of Purchase

Hi Ya’ll,

I just wanted to ask for prayer on behalf of Proof of Purchase. This morning at 5:30 am their time (they are in Colorado), they had to take their drummer (Chris) to the emergency room. His symptoms sound like food poisoning, but he was in pretty severe pain. They are still at the doctor’s right now, so pray for wisdom for the doctors and healing for Chris. This is a day off for the band, and they don’t have another gig until Saturday night. Pray for Amy and Mike too, their directors, I know they are really worried about Chris. Thanks.

Summer Project Director

Conference done, wow!

Hello Everyone,

Blessings and hugs from POP! Well, we are now in Fort Collins, CO, and looking forward to a day and a half off before our next gig at CSU. The Student Venture conference ended today. It was bittersweet to leave.

The sweet came from the fact that we are all seriously exhausted. The bitter came from having to leave our new friends and move on from the amazing things God did. Continue reading “Conference done, wow!”

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