News from Ritmo-D

Hello my faithful friends. I want to start by thanking everyone for your love and support. Your comments and advice give us strength to continue in our walk with God.

This is the end of our tour; today our band will be playing for the last time at Iglesia El Calvario, a Hispanic church here at Orlando. It is sad to think that the project has come to an end, but at the same time it is comforting to know that the Lord has brought us here with a big purpose and there is not doubt that He has fulfilled it in our lives.

This week has been amazing for all of us. The band played at Parkslope Tabernacle in Brooklyn, NY. It was a great opportunity to be able to recruit students for next year as well as give some musicians a few musical pointers. We had the privilege of being responsible for the entire service, which was translated during the testimonies.

After our experience in New York and New Jersey, we began our long trek travel to Florida. While we were on our way to Gainesville one of our host called me, he said that the place he had reserved at University of Florida for the concert had been cancelled by the administrators. I was shocked and a little frustrated but I knew God was in control, even if I would not like the results. I talked to everyone on the team about the situation, we prayed together leaving everything in God’s hands. That night we stayed in a hotel at North Carolina without knowing what was going to happen. Next morning our host called again with the great news he had found a place for us. We were able to have the concert and even though we didn’t had a big audience one person got saved. After the concert our team building coordinator, also know as the band mom, mentioned: “God’s love is so extravagant that he can bring a band with people from all over the world just to save one person” Amazing!!!

On Friday we had the privilege to play at Lake Hart, Campus Crusade Headquarters. The band led the morning worship and also played their entire set in the afternoon for more than 100 staff members…This was our last full set of our tour and after the concert our team got together to thank God for everything he had done during this summer project.

News about RITMO D (Destino)

…The past week has been tough for the band, there have been small conflicts here and there, we have been feeling extremely tired, and things just seem to be harder and harder. But in this desert land we have found fountains of living water and we have experienced the great mercy and love of God to us. We all know that being on tour is fun and exciting but at the same time a challenge. A comfortable bed and a good breakfast feels like heaven sometimes. Our visit to Vineland New Jersey was just like that. This is Nellie’s home town. They made us feel loved and welcome from the first day. We stay there four days and three nights and every minute of it was amazing. Our hosts treated us so well that it felt just like home.

Two of our concerts took place at Vineland. The first one was at Chestnut Assembly church where our band played for their youth service. Everyone was excited that day. They were all clapping, dancing, and singing. A girl named Skye had just come to know the Lord ten days before the concert. She is also a musician and she was very encouraged by our music. She expressed to one of our band members that the music moved her to tears. It was very touching to see how God can use His stewards to make a major impact in others people lives.

The second concert took place in a small church called Massai. Really it was very small but what we experienced in there was bigger than anywhere else…That night two names were written in the book of heaven. One of them was Ashley, a beautiful half African American, half Dominican girl who was adopted and had never made the decision of giving her life to Christ. The other new believer was a 26-year-old man named Juan Carlos that said, “You guys are amazing. I truly felt you were sent here tonight to speak to me. God bless you all.”

During our debrief time God placed in Christy’s heart for everyone to kneel before Him and lift prayer and praise for all He did that night. The words to describe what happened that night don’t exist. That night the Lord confirmed to us that the only way we will succeed and survive as a team is through prayer.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this e-mail. God Bless you all!



Destino On The Road!!!

Destino on the road- Three days ago we started an exciting adventure with the Lord. Everything seems to be a dream and no one wants to get up. So far we have applied many things that we learned in our training in the past week.

Our first concert took place at University @ Buffalo SUNY. As soon as we arrived things started to get tough. The stage in the auditorium was small and had a table bolted in the middle of it. Our percussionist unbolted it and moved it for us. Such details upon arrival are worrisome, but how can God be glorified if everything is perfect? After this thought we tried to remember that our Lord had control over the situation. The concert was great, though to a small audience (about 13)! A person from our beautiful audience wrote, “amazing…so anointed.” Another said, “I would like to purchase a CD if there are any.” Even though many students couldn’t stay for the entire concert due to their academic responsibilities, the host of the concert said we were an amazing encouragement and wants to work with us again in the future. Once again the glory was only for God!

Next thing you know and we were once again on the road. The map in the road manager’s hand indicated our way to Rochester New York. We were very motivated when we found out the concert was going to be an outreach in a very bad neighborhood, where people’s hearts are extremely in need of God’s grace and mercy. The first concert took place outside in the church parking lot of called Light of the World. It was marvelous; two people were saved that night, and one person rededicated their life to Christ. Hallelujah! One of them commented about one of our lead singer’s testimony, “Cristina, what you said…really touch me. Too many times I feel like I am isolated with nowhere to go, alone until I realize Christ is there.”

The second concert took place in a Park where Restoration Life Christian Fellowship, our host church, organized an event for the community. In the middle of our fourth song IT DOWNPOURED! It was our first rain experience as a team. We had to stop the concert to protect our equipment, and this was hard to accept. God why!! Only he knows. But one thing we learned, and that is that even though we want our plans to work perfectly, God’s plans can be totally different, and His thoughts are higher than ours. A good thing about the situation was that we were able to respond as a team to the situation. Thank you God for your lessons and love for us.

The third concert was with City of Refuge Church in Rochester at another park in a neighborhood that is rather poor and almost completely Hispanic. It rained again, but this time the church provided a tent, so we didn’t have to cancel. God was also gracious in that it stopped raining in time for us to play and then started raining again two minutes after we finished. The pastor of the church did an altar call following the testimony from the band, and four people accepted Christ. We were also playing right next to a large apartment complex and many people were on their balconies listening. Who knows what the Lord did in those apartments. We pray that seeds would be watered and people changed.

Today we head out for New York City for a day of rest before our next concert.

God bless


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