Swerve Update 2

Hey everyone! This tour has really been teaching us as a band to trust God and to just know that he is in control of people’s hearts. We’ve been a little down because in total we’ve had 6 salvations, and we’re always tempted to say “only” 6 salvations. But honestly – how awesome is 6? By playing some music we’re going to have 6 new friends in heaven. Continue reading “Swerve Update 2”

Swerve Update

Hey everyone! Glad to hear from most of you that your tours have been going well.

…We are in Wildwood right now and had a show last night on the beach behind the boardwalk. It was completely a miracle it even happened because we had no stage. So we took plywood and some plastic tables from their shed and made a stage, got some electricity from the boardwalk and a pizza place, and it was gorgeous weather. God blessed us so much when we didn’t even think we’d be able to have a show – and it resulted in 4 salvations and 8 people who wanted to know more!

As for our other shows, we had some really awesome conversations after Myrtle Beach, esp. Brady because he got to talk to a kid that he could completely relate to with problems they’ve had in each of their pasts, and it was awesome to see God bring them together like that. …

Our hosts have been incredible and it’s been great getting to see other CCC projects and getting to know the different students…

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