Young Isaac: update three | God wins.

Howdy ya’ll. we’re camped in beautiful ol’ Medora, North Dakota, legendary home of president Theodore Roosevelt…Last night’s show took place right in the Corral area of town. It might have been the most difficult show yet, between the killer mosquitos and melting heat… to the screaming children riding tricycles (not ponies?) in the front. The gospel presentation was tricky. An obnoxiously loud train blared its signal multiple times during the actual salvation part of the message. I almost lost composure because it caught me so off guard. I half expected to see a big black train round the corner with Satan in the engineer’s seat, smirking menacingly. It’s crazy how a quick prayer and the grace of God can get you back on track. Continue reading “Young Isaac: update three | God wins.”

Young Isaac: update one

We had our second show tonight. It was rad. We played in the corner of a large Starbucks in Indiana for a small audience. It was very intimate, especially in comparison to the outdoor-shopping-plaza concert we played the day before. The small space was quite fun because we could interact with the audience more from stage. People laughed every time I said the word “coffee.” I had no idea what was going on. Continue reading “Young Isaac: update one”

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