Communication Coach & Trainer

I equip Cru staff members and students with communication skills that will amplify their impact for Christ. These skills will enable them to speak in front of groups with confidence, lead musical worship expressively, and connect more effectively with their audience.

Conference Planning & Production
I wear a lot of hats to keep things running smoothly for our communication training events, such as Comm Lab and Emcee Lab. Advance planning, promotion, and preparation of training material keep me busy year-round.
Creative Communication

Whether it's through writing, video editing, web design, or copy editing, I love honing a message that will be expressed through words and visuals. Check out the Rock Your Meeting site to see a web-based training project that used my writing, web design, and video editing skills.

With all my heart, I believe that this is God’s heart: to see “a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne” in worship!! (Revelation 7:9, NIV) This is why I am a staff member with Cru. God wants to redeem His creation, and I want to be part of it. For me the best place to do that is Cru.

But I can’t do it alone. Cru has no central funds to pay its missionaries, so my salary and expenses are funded by monthly gifts from people like you. Together we can help fulfill God’s vision to redeem the world. Will you join me?

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Latest News & Notes

  • Worship Training This Weekend

    Worship Training This Weekend

    Instrumentalists. Vocalists. Sound techs. Weekly meeting program teams. This weekend, 75 (or more!) college students from Indiana and neighboring states will come to the Worship Arts Conference and Audition here in Indy. The weekend gives them the chance to experience hands-on clinics for worship band members and leaders; hands-on experience …Continue reading
  • Making a Tool More Useful

    Making a Tool More Useful

    Mid to late August is the start of a new semester for most colleges and an increasing number of high schools, so it also starts a new season for many staff teams in Cru, including office teams like mine. One of the things we did during our kickoff meeting was …Continue reading
  • The Power of the Scriptures

    The Power of the Scriptures

    What a joy it was to coach six new Cru staff members in studying the Bible! Their love for the Lord and passion for serving Him was obvious. Mornings started with a meeting for coaches to discuss the day’s lesson plan. Then came a 30 minute lecture on a Bible …Continue reading
  • Developing and Being Developed

    Developing and Being Developed

    “Thank you! You changed the way I read the Bible and gave me greater confidence and a vision for where I want to be.” That’s what one person said after taking Bible Study Methods, a foundational course in the theological training received by all Cru staff members. From June 16 …Continue reading
  • Response to the Gospel

    Response to the Gospel

    I recently saw some encouraging results from a survey by the Barna Group. About 5,000 people were asked last fall how Cru has influenced them and how they’re influencing others as a result. One statistic in particular grabbed my attention: “For our campus ministry in the past year, on average, …Continue reading

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    Westfield, IN 46074
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