My Capstone is Complete!

Thank you for praying for my capstone project! I was able to finish it on time and I have now graduated from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School with a Master of Arts in Theological Studies!

For my project, I wrote an eight-session small group bible study called “Biblical Foundations for Creativity.” The study starts in Genesis to show that we are creative because we bear the image of our creator (and creative!) God, and he calls us to use that creativity to spread his kingdom. Then it moves to the Book of Proverbs to show the kind of character qualities creative people need to fulfill that calling: wisdom, “the fear of the LORD,” and the ability to humbly collaborate with others.

The cover of my Bible study.

Writing the study was not just an academic exercise; I led some of my Innovation coworkers through half of the material and I will lead the full study in June for students serving in creative roles with our Operations Summer Mission.

I’ll spend the first half of June with them at Cru’s international headquarters in Orlando, where I’ll not only lead the study with them, but also help train them in innovation techniques. After that, I will spend the rest of the month at my usual summer assignment (also in the Orlando area) coaching new Cru staff members in Bible Study Methods. I’m excited about these opportunities to train and influence college students and new staff members!

Training Follow-up

You may remember that a year ago I trained two staff teams from Destino, Cru’s ministry to latino students, in our innovation methods. One of those trainings was for the leadership team of Destino’s “Legacia” winter conference. They techniques we taught them helped them plan the conference which was held in January. I recently heard some very encouraging news: out of the 158 students that attended, 29 indicated a first time decision to walk with Jesus. That is almost 25% of all student attendees!

Please pray…

  • For the students who trusted Christ at “Legacia” and other winter conferences to continue to grow spiritually
  • for safe travel as I drive to and from Orlando
  • for the summer mission students I will be teaching at our headquarters
  • for the new staff who will be taking Bible Study Methods and Intro to Christian Theology
  • for me as I teach and coach

Thank you for praying!

Denise DiSarro

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I am a staff member with Cru, a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. I work on a creative team in the Indianapolis area.
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