Winter Coaching and Workshops

January Bible Study Coaching

In January I once again coached a small group for the Bible Study Methods (BSM) course that all new Cru® staff members take. I really enjoy being able to do this twice a year to help teach our staff ways to dig deeply into God’s word. I love seeing growth in our new missionaries, and I love the way it challenges me as well!

The team that oversees the BSM content is always seeking to improve it. This year that included a new diagram to explain how we study the Bible. Since it has two circles that overlap, we joked that it looked like the MasterCard logo! About a week and a half after we finished the course, one of the women I coached texted me this:

the text I received

How encouraging! She had internalized the skills so well that she was able to pass them on to one of her students to help her learn how to study God’s word, too!

February Innovation Workshops

  • Our Indy innovation team ran a workshop for some of the Cru® staff members who serve at Purdue University. We had a lot of great dialogue about how this generation of students sees the world, how they learn, and how to help them gain a deeper understanding of the gospel and who Jesus is. The staff were really encouraged by our time together, as were we.
  • My teammate Kyle and I are training three Baylor University staff members in weekly online workshops on topics such as good listening practices (to learn students’ needs), brainstorming techniques, and how to choose and test new ministry ideas.

Please pray…

…that God will bless the staff members who participated in the BSM class and the Innovation workshops, and that He will use the principles and skills they learned to help them connect more people to Himself.

Thank you for praying!

This January's BSM group
My Bible Study Methods coaching group with me on the balcony of my hotel room in Daytona.

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