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Music is a unique and powerful medium of communication. When Spirit-filled musicians express God’s unchanging truth through the music of the culture, God uses it to change lives. That was evident in the email updates the Keynote Summer Project bands sent to each other (and those of us who stayed home) during their tours. Here are two of the more striking stories they shared.

Proof of Purchase led 430 teenagers in worship twice a day at a conference run by Student Venture, Campus Crusade’s high school ministry. Band member Christy wrote:

It’s hard to put into words, but God was there in a powerful way. Looking out over the crowd we saw kids dancing, weeping, shouting, lifting their hands, jumping up and down, kneeling before the stage, and just totally lost in their Jesus…After we were done many kids began coming up to us and telling us how much our leading had meant to them. One girl told Kristen the worship had changed her life…

Captain Oblivious went to Sydney, Australia, where they presented the gospel in high schools. The local Campus Crusade staff organized a 24-hour prayer chain that ran though the entire tour. God answered their prayers in a dramatic way: in 10 days the band performed 18 concerts for more than 2700 people; 279 wanted to talk to someone about God, and 271 indicated decisions for Christ!

Team from Kazakhstan with me.

Personally, the most memorable part of the project was working with the band from Kazakhstan called Osoboe Mneniye (which means “Minority Report” or “Special Opinion”). I helped coach them in stage communication and got to know them (especially the two women) as friends. It’s incredibly rewarding to know that their time with Keynote increased both their confidence and their vision for using music to reach their culture for Christ!

Thank you for helping to change lives this summer through your partnership with me!

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