God At Work Through Keynote Bands

The Keynote bands have been on the road, and they always send emails to those of us back at the office to let us know what God is doing and how we can pray for them. Here are some glimpses from just this last week of how God is changing the lives of individuals.

After Piper Down played at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, Randy, the band’s guitarist, wrote this:

The coolest thing that happened involved one of the student leaders, Pete. He had invited a friend of his from class to come to a previous outreach they had, but his friend told him, “I know this is a Campus Crusade thing, and i know what you’re going to tell me, and i am not coming!” Needless to say, Pete was shocked when his friend showed up and intently listened to Seth’s sharing of the Gospel! Pete was so excited to have this door opened to talk with his friend about spiritual things in the future.

Blue Sky Nine sent these two stories from their concert at Austin (TX) Community College

One girl wrote on her comment card that she was actually very offended by the fact we came to preach the gospel. She just wanted to come to school and study her academia without thinking about religion. Pray that God would shake her world and show her that there’s way more to life than just academia and that she would come to realize how much more important her eternal destiny is.

Another comment written by a Jewish lady said, “Your Messiah died for our sins. That was really nice. What happens next?” Talk about an open invitation to share Christ with her! The [Campus Crusade] staff have her contact info, so please pray that they’d be able to get in touch with her and share with her what happens next! Pray the Lord would reveal to her that Jesus is her long awaited Messiah!

Joy Tan Returns Home

Joy Tan, my temporary roommate, is now back in Singapore. Right after she got home, she met with her ministry’s leadership team and passed along some of the team-building material she learned here. Here’s a photo of her with me the day she saw her first snow:
Joy and I the day of her first snow!

You Just Never Know What Impact You’re Having…

Keynote’s bands are getting ready to go back on the road after working in their new members (including people who went through the training sessions I coordinated in November). When our bands go out on tour, they seek to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit, leaving the results to God. And many times we have no idea what those results are. Recently a former concert host was kind enough to write and give us a peek into the impact Keynote had on the life of one student.

In August 2002, a young Christian named Allison left her college dorm room to take a letter to the post office. She heard music, and thought “Somebody’s radio is really loud.” She soon passed the source of the music: a Keynote band playing in a campus amphitheater. Allison stopped to listen, and as a result got involved in a Campus Crusade Bible study and began growing in her faith. Since then, she has been on two Crusade summer projects, one stateside and another in East Asia. Allison has a heart to reach her own ethnic group, Hispanics, and is now a student leader on her campus.

Thank you for helping influence students like Allison! As you pray and give for my ministry, you enable me to train the musical missionaries we send out on tour. May God bless you for the impact you are having for His kingdom!

Local Keynote Concerts

This week Chasing Elvis and Blue Sky Nine are having dress rehearsals that are open to the public, so if you live near Carmel, bring your friends over for some great music with a clear presentation of the gospel! Both bands target a college-age crowd, but I think their music is great even though it’s been a LONG time since I graduated college!

Chasing Elvis will be in the Sojourn Room at Grace Community Church in Noblesville at 7pm on Thursday, February 2nd. Blue Sky Nine will play in the Keynote Warehouse at 7pm on Friday, February 3rd. Click here to see posters with concert info.

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