Swerve – Hope Church, Indianapolis

We played for an audience of a variety of ages, some of John G.’s Fantasticks cast/crew came and a number of friends, family and Hope church members were there. This was a great last concert and an encouraging one for the band!

Young Isaac #3

Hey y’all …

We just wrapped up a week in New Jersey. We were blessed with some really awesome host families while we were there. We stayed with an older couple who have a gorgeous home (pool, hot tub, and beds for all seven of us). They were some of the most generous people I’ve ever met .. apparently they have travelers staying with them nearly ever weekend. Continue reading “Young Isaac #3”

Swerve – Ottawa, Illinois – Andrea’s home town!

We played at a sweet coffee house, Jerimiah Joe’s, downtown and provided an opportunity for the youth in Andrea’s church to have an outreach and invite friends to the concert. One girl in the audience rededicated her life to the Lord, and we had a chance to pray for some who had family who were not walking with God or who were not Christians themselves

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