A Prayer for Ash Wednesday

First my apologies for some technical difficulties: last week, the service that sends out my posts had some sort of “hiccup” and sent an old post from October! Then this morning my blog decided to post an unfinished entry that’s not supposed to go up until next week (February 14). So here’s the “real” item […]

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Father’s Love Letter

A couple of years ago, a friend introduced me to Father’s Love Letter, a wonderful presentation of paraphrased scriptures in print, audio and video formats. This link will take you to a version you can read (and listen to) online, and if you look elsewhere on the site you’ll find it in many other formats. […]

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And Can It Be

The first time I heard this hymn was when I was in college, at the baptist church attended by most of the Christian students on campus. The lyrics totally blew me away because of the picture they gave me of what Christ accomplished for me on the cross. The God of the universe has such […]

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