Keynote Around the World

As you can see from the previous posts, God is doing some amazing things through Keynote artists! Even though I’m not on the road with them, I feel a strong connection to what they do because I’ve helped prepare them for their work. You are connected to them, too, by your partnership with me! So please rejoice with me in what God has done through us all!

Prayer Requests:

  • For the national Campus Crusade staff following up those who responded at these concerts
  • For Keynote band Piper Down’s April 19-30 tour of Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands.
  • For me as I complete my current seminary class and help prepare for Keynote’s Summer Music Project for college students

Muslim College Students Respond to Christ

“You made us feel like real people in our bleak lives.” – Albanian student

Keynote’s acoustic rock band Blue Sky Nine toured colleges and one high school in Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo. They performed 9 concerts in 8 cities during their two week stay in these Balkan countries. Their drummer, Chris, emailed the following:

Prishtina, Kosovo: About 150 people were in attendance, 98% of which were Muslim!…As we were told, usually the Muslim students are very hostile to gospel presentations but barely any of the students left (only about 4) and nobody yelled at us or made disparaging comments while Teresa shared. So that is huge!

Here’s another excerpt from the same email:

Elbasan, Albania: Last night’s show was AMAZING…There were 280 in attendance and people were just hungry for the gospel. I could see students leaning over the balconies listening intently not only to our music, but to the gospel.

We got about 204 comment cards…64 people accepted Christ! 70 expressed interest in speaking to someone about spiritual things!

Amazing Harvest in Lebanon Schools

The Boyd Family returned to Lebanon, where they toured last year. Bruce & Julie and their three sons performed in school assemblies practically non-stop between March 18 and April 3. Here’s some of what Bruce emailed:

What a remarkable experience this has been . . . how we wish you could’ve been along with us to witness God pouring out His Spirit on audience after audience!  Final numbers are still being tabulated, but the ones we know now are simply overwhelming.  During 9 school days and one Saturday event, God empowered us to perform 30 concerts at 15 different schools for approximately 7,000 students!  Of the comment cards Julie and I personally read and tabulated, we know of 1,839 indications to receive Christ, and 1,158 who said they wanted more information about Jesus!!!

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