God Provides A New Building For Keynote

The Keynote Summer Project teams are on the road right now, sending email updates of what God is doing on tour. For those of us who didn’t go on tour, the pace of life has calmed down considerably. But even though it’s really quiet around the Keynote office these days, God is is doing some amazing things that I want to tell you about.

One line of Keynote’s vision statement says, “We see…A Worldwide Ministry Center with sufficient facilities and staff resources to support our mission.” God has overwhelmed us with the provision of this facility, as the next step toward that vision.

This month Keynote will move to a building on Union Street in Westfield, IN, just 10 minutes north of our present location.  This building is 20,000 square feet – triple the size of our current office space! The Westfield Board of Zoning also gave approval for a rehearsal and studio building to be erected close to our new office.  This new structure will be approximately 25,000 square feet, complete with band rehearsal rooms, personal practice rooms, a recording studio, warehouse storage, and a large open area in the center with a stage.  God has done above and beyond what we could ask or even think!

Construction begins on the rehearsal building in late August. In the meantime, our bands will continue to rehearse at the old facility while our office staff (like me) settle in at the new office complex.

Please pray that I (and my fellow staff) will remember to rejoice in God’s provision in mind when the inevitable hassles of moving (and having our ministry temporarily split between two locations) crop up!

The old office building:

old office

The new office building:

new office

In My Personal Ministry

One of my responsibilities throughout the year (including during the Summer Project) is to coach one of our new staff women as she finds ministry partners to provide her financial support. Heather Jabornik (see photo) has been a joy to me in our weekly coaching phone calls as I’ve seen her grow in the Lord and as we’ve built a long-distance friendship (she’s from eastern PA). I asked her to write a short note to you:

Heather“The Lord has allowed Denise to be such an incredible friend and source of encouragement in my life during this time of support raising. I am seriously so stoked every week when we talk for…oh, I don’t know, 2 hours at a time? Yeah, that sounds about right. She is always so kind and gentle, and willing to listen to me blab about anything from witnessing to my parents to dyeing my hair bright red and blonde. I love her to pieces and sincerely cannot WAIT to move to Indy to hug, talk, laugh, and rejoice in the Lord together in person!!

“Oh, and she’s really great at graciously cracking the whip too.”

Thanks for enabling me (through your gifts and prayers) to minister to Heather!

Swerve Update 2

Hey everyone! This tour has really been teaching us as a band to trust God and to just know that he is in control of people’s hearts. We’ve been a little down because in total we’ve had 6 salvations, and we’re always tempted to say “only” 6 salvations. But honestly – how awesome is 6? By playing some music we’re going to have 6 new friends in heaven. Continue reading “Swerve Update 2”

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