God Changes Lives

Hearing stories about how God changes lives encourages my faith. For example, Lauren, a freshman at a Michigan university, was spiritually aware but had not given her life to Christ. Arlee, a staff member in our band Chasing Elvis, met Lauren during a tour to Michigan this spring. Arlee recently sent this email:

When I asked [Lauren] why [she had not yet given her life to Christ], she said she just wasn’t ready to take that step, there was still some fear holding her back. We talked for a while and I encouraged her not to wait too long  – I would hate for her to feel like she had wasted time that could have been spent walking with God. We exchanged e-mail information and I just got this e-mail from her:

“…I’m not quite sure if I ever told you the news…since March 21st I have been your sister in Christ! How cool is that?”

Sometimes we don’t hear the stories as quickly as we heard about Lauren. About 5 years ago, one of our summer bands went to Edwards Air Force Base in California to play an evangelistic concert. The comment cards indicated that a few people made decisions for Christ, but the band was on a tight schedule and had to leave shortly after the concert. Fortunately, Chaplain McIntosh was stationed there and could handle the follow-up of new believers.

Just a few weeks ago, one of our bands played at Bolling Air Force Base in Washington, D.C. and worked with, you guessed it, Chaplain McIntosh! Now on the East Coast, the chaplain told them about a young airman who had accepted Christ at that California concert 5 years before. He had continued to work with the airman, and eventually baptized him, kept track of him in his new marriage and recently performed the baby dedication for their new daughter. They are still in touch and the airman is still walking with God and leading his family to walk closely with God as well.

I get so excited when I hear stories like these, where God is at work today in tangible ways. When I hear stories about people like Lauren or the airman who place their faith in Christ and experience life change, my faith is encouraged. I’m reminded that Keynote is having a positive impact on the world and that through our ministry people are making decisions that literally will affect them for eternity.

I have an opportunity this summer to have my faith encouraged again as I attend the Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) National Staff Conference. I will spend about two weeks in Fort Collins, Colorado at the Colorado State University campus. There I will reconnect with CCC staff from all over the nation (as well as some from overseas), receive vision and direction from our ministry leadership, and hear God stories about how God is using the movement of CCC all over the globe. I’ll hear about more Laurens, more airmen, more people all over the world who are turning to Christ. As the various ministries of Campus Crusade come together, I’ll get a unique snapshot of God’s work in the world. These times are a real boost to my faith as I gain perspective on my part in God’s Kingdom work.

Our Summer Project bands will be finishing up their tours on July 1. I’m looking forward to hearing more stories when they get back: stories of how God has worked through them as people all over the country hear their message and understand God’s love for the first time, and stories of the growth that the students are seeing as they step out in faith this summer!

Thanks so much for your partnership with me. I am so grateful for you and the role you play in helping change lives through Keynote all over the world!

MangoFish in Tennessee

…Before we left Daytona, Florida for Tennessee, we had a chance to go to church on Sunday! We all decided on a drive-in Sunday morning service! Let me tell you it was an experience! When we arrived there, we had someone meet us at the driver’s side door asking if we wanted to take communion, and we were handed little cups of grape juice and bread. When we found a spot to park, we tuned our radios to 88.5 and listened to the preacher. We could see him move every once and a while from the church balcony he was preaching at. It definitely proved that you can worship God anywhere! Continue reading “MangoFish in Tennessee”

Young Isaac: update three | God wins.

Howdy ya’ll. we’re camped in beautiful ol’ Medora, North Dakota, legendary home of president Theodore Roosevelt…Last night’s show took place right in the Corral area of town. It might have been the most difficult show yet, between the killer mosquitos and melting heat… to the screaming children riding tricycles (not ponies?) in the front. The gospel presentation was tricky. An obnoxiously loud train blared its signal multiple times during the actual salvation part of the message. I almost lost composure because it caught me so off guard. I half expected to see a big black train round the corner with Satan in the engineer’s seat, smirking menacingly. It’s crazy how a quick prayer and the grace of God can get you back on track. Continue reading “Young Isaac: update three | God wins.”

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