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Reflections from my study of the Bible, theology, church history, etc. Each series has an intro & table of contents:

Old Testament Reading Journal
Entering the Most Holy Place: A Study on the Day of Atonement

Jesus Our Great High Priest, Part 2

Entering the Most Holy Place

In the last post, I recommended looking at passages describing Jesus as our high priest and categorizing what you found by marking phrases in different colors.  To summarize the findings of our study group, I’ll use another way to categorize what a passage is teaching…

Jesus Our Great High Priest, Part 1

Entering the Most Holy Place

The high priest played an incredibly important role in the annual Day of Atonement. He alone entered the innermost room of the tabernacle (or later, the temple) where God manifested His presence, and he could only do it on that one day each year.

Walking With a Holy God

Entering the Most Holy Place

Now that we have looked at the context of Leviticus 16 we are finally ready to delve into the passage itself. (I suggest reading it before reading the rest of this post.) There’s a lesson right off the bat in Leviticus 16:1-3.

“Be Holy, For I Am Holy”

Entering the Most Holy Place

I want to warn you from the outset: this is going to sound like bad news. But hang in there with me, because the bad news tells us why we need the good news, and seeing how horrible the bad news is will enable us to see just how incredibly amazing the good news is. Ready? Here we go…

The Dwelling Place of God

Entering the Most Holy Place

In order to understand the rituals for the Day of Atonement, we need to be familiar with the Old Testament Tabernacle, a portable worship center that the Israelites took with them as they traveled.

Why Study the Day of Atonement?

Entering the Most Holy Place

The apostle Paul calls the Law of Moses “our tutor to lead us to Christ.” (Gal 3:24, NASB)…Even though we are not subject to the Law of Moses, we can still let it “lead us to Christ” in the sense of looking to it to find insights about Jesus and what He did for us.