Equipping Students by Video

me at video computer
Yours truly at the video editing computer.

Imagine you are a Cru staff member working on a campus. You know that events like retreats and weekly meetings are incredibly effective tools for winning students to Christ, building them in their faith, and sending them out to win, build, and send others. And you also know that some of your students would really grow if they had the opportunity to plan, emcee, or lead worship for those events. But how will you equip them to do that?

That’s where our training videos will come in. Each one will give students (and other viewers) a brief bite-sized nugget that they can put into practice at their next event. Here are a few of the video topics:

  • Why Do We Worship?
  • Components of Worship
  • Essentials of Communication
  • The Importance of Planning
  • The Role of the Emcee
  • How to Introduce a Speaker

I love knowing that this project will meet a very real need for Cru staff and students around the country! I also really enjoy the process of editing these videos because it taps into both my tech skills and my artistic skills.

Please Pray…

  • For wisdom for me as I edit the videos
  • For details to come together for more filming
  • For discernment as we decide where the videos should “live” on the web
  • For these videos to meet the needs of our staff and students on campus

Thank you so much for your prayers! I couldn’t do this without your partnership!

Ramen with a Side of College

Ramen with a Side of College is a short book (which Keynote is currently editing) written by students for students. Content includes study tips, questions to help you get to know your roommate, ideas for living a healthy and balanced life, reflective exercises to inspire spiritual conversations, and, yes, recipes to make with ramen noodles.

editing team
The Ramen editing team hard at work.


The idea was birthed in Keynote’s last Summer Mission Project when our students brainstormed new outreach materials for Cru to use on campus. They developed the concept and content and passed it along to our staff to edit. Our goal is to have it ready to include in Cru’s evangelistic “Freshman Survival Kits” next fall.

Please Pray…

  • For us to finish Ramen with a Side of College so it can be printed in time to include in “Freshman Survival Kits” next fall.

Thank you for praying!

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