Links in a Chain

I always love to see how God uses our trainees after we send them out. One of our new staff, Chris W., is on his first concert tour after being trained this summer. Here’s a great story of how God used him in a conversation with an audience member after his very first concert:

I had an awesome conversation with a student named Odan who has a Hindu background and happened to hear us and sat down to listen to our music. He thought we were great and enjoyed listening to [Teresa’s] message as well. When I asked him what his spiritual background was, he told me that he was agnostic but that lately “Christ has been sending me signals.” :O Of course, I asked, “what kind of signals has He been sending you?”

He told me that, for instance, today he didn’t know that our band was part of a Crusade event and yet he came here and sat down to listen. He’s also run into Crusade several times and has seen their presence around campus. He said he’s not ready to make a decision yet but that he is seriously considering Jesus Christ. How awesome is that! Please say a quick prayer for Odan’s salvation.

We talked some more about religion and I gave him a copy of Blue Like Jazz and also the booklet “Connecting With God.” He walked over to the Crusade table later and talked with Mark, the staff worker there, who invited him to an investigative bible study that was happening the next evening. How cool is that! Sweet stuff.

If you’re one of my ministry partners, YOU are helping Odan come to Christ. How? You support me, I trained Chris, and Chris shared the gospel with Odan. All links in a chain that God uses to rescue another needy soul. Thank you for being a link in the chain for people like Odan!

Denise DiSarro

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I am a staff member with Cru, a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. I work on a creative team in the Indianapolis area.
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