Why “Back to School? Isn’t it a little late for that? I mean, this is November — you know, pumpkins, cornucopias, Thanksgiving dinner, right? Yes, that’s true, but for me, November also means back to school, because that’s when I help train Keynote’s new interns and new staff members. We have four new interns, six new staff and one international staff member in training this time! Classes started on Thursday, November 3 and continue until the day before Thanksgiving.

My role in all this includes planning the class schedule, finding teachers, and teaching several sessions myself. I teach four sessions on the verbal content of public speaking, two on understanding your audience, three on practical Bible study methods and finally a couple sessions of tech stuff (how to use Keynote’s computer network and software).

This fall has meant “Back to School” in another way. I’m in the midst of taking a theology class at a local extension site of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. I’ve always enjoyed learning, and since I train missionaries it’s important to stay theologically sharp. This class is a lot of work, but it’s been fun to stretch my brain!

I have a new temporary roommate! Joy Tan from ForeRunner, our sister music ministry in Singapore. We’ve had a wonderful partnership over many years with this Campus Crusade ministry halfway across the globe. Joy is here to learn about several different aspects of our Human Resources department, including our training and ongoing development of staff. She’ll be living with me until early January when she returns home.

Denise DiSarro

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I am a staff member with Cru, a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. I work on a creative team in the Indianapolis area.
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