Summer Project Dress Rehearsals and Tour

The music people choose to listen to says something about who they are, what they’re dealing with and what they think about life. “What am I here for?” “Who am I?” – these questions that people ask themselves are echoed in their favorite songs.  Please pray for the bands of KEYNOTE and THE IMPACT MOVEMENT and as they give “the answer” to the questions and more – a relationship with Jesus Christ!

Likewise, everyone loves a good story, and drama can touch the heart in powerful ways.  Please pray for the traveling dinner theater team of HERE’S LIFE INNER CITY as they challenge Christian audiences to gain a heart for ministry in the inner city.

Dress rehearsals are open to the public, so if you live near Keynote, come enjoy the shows!

July 10, 2006

  • MangoFish (Modern Rock) – 6:45pm – River Oaks North Room
  • Swerve (Rock/Pop) – 8pm – The Warehouse @ Keynote

July 11, 2006

  • Infinit Impact (Urban Gospel) – 6:45pm – River Oaks Auditorium
  • “Snapshots From A City” (Drama) – 8:30pm – River Oaks North Room

July 12, 2006

  • Young Isaac (Acoustic Rock) – 6:45pm – The Warehouse @ Keynote
  • Proof of Purchase (Praise & Worship) – 8:30pm – The Warehouse @ Keynote

Tours for all the teams begin July 13.  They will be sending emails from the road to let us at home know what God is doing.  As those messages come streaming in (and they will!), I’ll post them on the  web at  Check the site daily after July 13 to read the exciting news!

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