Keynote 2007 Summer Project Report

I’m writing from Ft. Collins, CO, and starting tomorrow I will attend the biannual Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) National Staff Conference. I’m looking forward to hearing great teaching and encouraging stories of what God is doing through CCC around the world. In the meantime, I hope you will be encouraged by this story from Keynote’s summer project.

One member of Infinit Impact, LaDonna is fun, vivacious, and a great communicator with a compelling story. From stage during the band’s concerts, she told her story about a series of choices that dramatically affected her life and left her as a single mother of two.

But a few years ago, God captured her heart. She was attracted to His love, because while so many others in her life walked away, God chose to stay with her even when she ran from Him.

At our final event, LaDonna expressed what God had done in her heart over the summer:

When I gave my life to Christ, I thought it was for survival. I needed Him just to get by and exist from day to day. But after this summer, I realize that there’s something so much greater He has for me. God wants to use me to bring His love to others.

Pray for LaDonna and for the others who joined us on this project. They were able to have a great influence on people as they traveled all over the country this summer – but some of the greatest work will take place in their own lives as they take back the things they learned.

Thanks so much for your part in helping to change lives this summer!

Final Project Statistics

  • 22,000 miles traveled
  • 57 concerts
  • 5815 people exposed to the gospel
  • 1065 people lead in worship
  • 248 people indicating decisions for Christ! ( Nine of those were through our praise and worship band. That’s a first!)

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