I Am Desperate For Your Love, Lord

One of the theologians I learned more about in the seminary class I’m currently taking is Anselm of Canterbury. He wrote a book on the atonement, Cur Deus Homo (Why God Became Man), that continues to influence our view of what Christ accomplished on the cross. A while ago I found this prayer by Anselm in an anthology by Ken Gire called Between Heaven and Earth: Prayers and Reflections That Celebrate an Intimate God. This prayer makes it obvious to me that Anselm was not only an intellectual, but had a deep passion for God that I think is worthy of imitation.

I am desperate for Your love, Lord.
My heart is aflame with fervent passion.
When I remember the good things You have done,
My heart burns with desire to embrace You.
I thirst for You,
I hunger for You.
I long for You,
I sigh for You.
I am jealous for Your love.
What shall I say to You?
What can I do for You?
Where shall I seek You?
I am sick for Your love.
The joy of my heart turns to dust.
My happy laughter is reduced to ashes.
I want You.
I hope for You.
My soul is like a widow, bereft of You.
Turn to me, and see my tears.
I will weep until You come to me.
Come now, Lord, and I will be comforted.
Show me Your face, and I shall be saved.
Enter my room, and I shall be satisfied.
Reveal Your beauty, and my joy will be complete.

Anselm of Canterbury (c. 1033 ? 1109)

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