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Since 2005, Keynote has had a partnership with The Impact Movement, the Campus Crusade for Christ ministry to African American students. This year, Impact has five musicians here in Indy serving a one-year fellowship in a band called Infinit Impact. In February I coordinated two days of communication training for the band and did some teaching and communication coaching for them. The team just returned from their first tour and saw God work in powerful ways.

  • Vocalist Angelique Lynch always hated public speaking, and felt she really didn’t have a “testimony.” But God showed her differently after she spoke at several concerts, including the ones at her alma mater and home church. Her inbox is now flooded with messages from friends and family who say they can relate to her story.
  • Pianist Krystal Howard watched an audience of 500 rowdy middle school kids, and thought they weren’t listening to the concert at all. But the comment cards showed that many students related to Angelique’s story. Krystal said that showed her to walk by faith and not by sight!
  • Two concerts at a sports academy lasted only 18 minutes each – game clock 18 minutes! Bass player Robert Hornberger had to find a short but clear way to communicate the gospel, and God gave him an analogy of God being the coach of life.  At the second concert, a local church showed a video of Christ’s passion while the band sang “What A Man”. There were 28 decisions for Christ that night. God showed His power – in 18 minutes!

All in all, Infinit Impact had 8 concerts before about 970 people (including leading praise and worship at 2 church services). 40 people indicated on comment cards they prayed to receive Christ at the concerts, and 19 indicated they wanted to talk to someone about knowing God personally.

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