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When I first read Jan Hus’s words about the birth of Christ (above), I was struck anew with how incredible it is that the God of the universe would become a human baby to bring us eternal life!

The truths about eternity are tightly woven into our faith now, but it wasn’t always this way. I’ve been taking a seminary class on Job, who lived before God had revealed these truths.  People knew God is just, but since they didn’t know there is life after death, they believed God always punishes evildoers in this life. So when overwhelming calamity hit Job, even his closest friends assumed it was because he had sinned.  In one of my class journal entries, I wrote this:

…I can understand why Job’s friends cling so tightly to their beliefs, because seeing the world as it really is (the way Job does) is utterly disheartening if you believe that this life is all there is. Job is right: the wicked often prosper and the innocent often suffer, and there is little evidence on earth for the justice we so long for in our hearts. Without heaven & hell, all that’s left is hopelessness.

Jesus Christ was born to give a hopeless world the hope of eternal life! Though we have all done evil in the sight of God, Jesus took on Himself the punishment our sins deserved. When we trust in Him as our substitute and savior, we can live forever in the presence of God!

I love training musicians and other creative artists to communicate the hope of eternal life in Christ, and I’m encouraged every time I hear how God uses them. A summer project student wrote this:

Sunday we had 2 concerts. Our first one was at the Indiana Women’s State Prison. This concert was amazing. There were 11 women who accepted Christ and many of them came up to talk to us afterwards. It was very moving to see how willing these women were to hear us and hear about Christ. Then our final concert was at our bass player, Brad’s church in Anderson. It was for a back to school youth group gathering. We had 13 people come to Christ! It was incredible. God amazed us beyond words that day.

You have had a part in bringing eternal life to those 11 women and 13 teens, and to all who come to Christ through Keynote. Your prayers and gifts have made this ministry possible, and I am grateful to you for it – and to the Lord for leading you to partner with me!

Denise DiSarro

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I am a staff member with Cru, a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. I work on a creative team in the Indianapolis area.
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