Keynote Band Breathes New Life

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bsn-in-concertWhen Keynote band, blue sky nine rolled into Yavapai College they were just glad to be able to get out of the van and stretch their legs after a long trip to Prescott, Arizona. Little did they know they are about to breathe new life into a small, struggling campus ministry. To hear Nancy Schafer, the group’s faculty advisor put it, ‘Things were moving along at a ho-hum pace.’

blue sky nine got right to work by going to the dorms to help promote their concert scheduled later that evening. There are only 350 students living in the dorms so they were fearing a small crowd at the concert.

As is typically the case, God had other plans! There were about 70 people at the concert and by the end of the concert quite a few students expressed interested in a Bible study or talking with someone about a relationship with Jesus Christ. Considering the size of the campus that was a very encouraging result!

While the band moved on to other campuses in Arizona and the west, God kept working at Yavapai College.

Since that concert we are told the student leaders are ‘revved-up’ about ministry on campus. In fact they contacted all the students that wanted information from the concert the very next day! They learned that many students were not even aware there was a Campus Crusade for Christ ministry at the school until that concert. They now have five new students involved in the ministry and one of those new students, Jerron, helped start a new men’s small group.

We recently received a letter from Nancy Schafer that summed it up this way, “Thank you for the awesome music! Thank you for the love! Thank you for the support! Thank you for serving God in the way you do!”

To watch blue sky nine’s promotional video for concert hosts, go to .

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