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This year’s Summer Project students arrived in May for training followed by nearly three weeks of evangelistic concerts with their bands. But they didn’t have to wait until they went on tour to share the gospel: they had an outreach day their first week here.

  • One team left behind most of their evangelistic materials at the Keynote office, but they saw God bring just the right verses to their minds as they shared the gospel with people.
  • Silja, our student from Germany, was in a mall when she heard two girls speaking German behind her! She shared the gospel with them and they were very interested in the message and in coming to the dress rehearsals.
  • A local high school student named Tyler trusted Christ with Ryan, who was sharing his faith for the first time!

The student bands are returning from their evangelistic tours with many stories of God at work.  I’ll share some of those with you in my next letter.

Short Film Wins Award

“W[rec]k” is the short film produced by students on last year’s Summer Project. Lisa, the UCLA student who directed the film, entered it in the UCLA Shorttakes Film Festival. Over 7 hours of short films were submitted, and “W[rec]k” received first place for “Best Story”!

To view “W[rec]k” go to

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