Brazil Bound!

It’s official! In less than two weeks I will be training three new staff members for Brazil Music + Mission in Rio de Janeiro. My teammate Julie Sanders and I will leave the evening of March 20 and return the morning of March 29.

A Little History

  • 2003: At the suggestion of an American friend, Brazilian musician Janiê Sucupira comes to the U.S. to spend the summer participating in Keynote’s Music Summer Project.
  • 2004: Janiê arranges for a Keynote band to tour in Brazil, and joins the staff of the Brazil’s version of Campus Crusade for Christ
  • 2005: Janiê spends six months with Keynote, learning skills such as how to put together a summer project; these skills help her lay the groundwork for a new music ministry in Brazil. (On a personal note, she roomed with me during her stay.)
  • 2006: Janiê leads her first music summer project.
  • 2007: I go with three other Keynote staff to teach communication skills to Janiê’s summer project students
  • 2009: Three new staff members join Janiê’s music ministry; all of them were participants in Janiê’s previous summer projects

As you can see, Keynote has had a long association with Janiê, helping her start a new ministry in her home country. I count her as one of my dearest friends, and I’m thrilled to be able to see her and help her again! Our goal for this trip is to train her and her team to become communication coaches so they can help others communicate the message of Christ more effectively.

Please Pray…

  • for our preparation administratively and spiritually.
  • for health and safe travel.
  • that we will be able to sleep on the plane (both of our flights are redeyes).
  • for Julie’s husband (Mel) and their three sons (Benjamin, Luke and Andrew, ages 11-15) while she’s away.
  • that we will encourage Janiê and her team.
  • that they will become effective public speaking coaches.

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