The Students Are Coming, The Students Are Coming!

They’re coming this Monday, June 7, to be precise! The office is bustling with final preparations for the annual Keynote Summer Project! This is one of the major training ministries of my department, the Keynote Creative Communications Group, so I’ve been up to my ears in work. But it’s worth the effort, because God always works in powerful ways in the lives of the students and those they minister to.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that the students and staff members will grow in their knowledge of and love for Christ.
  • Pray for wisdom for the Project directors and the team leaders of the student bands.
  • Pray that the students and staff members will “put on the full armor of God” to stand firm against spiritual warfare (Eph 6:11-18).
  • Pray for God to use the music directors, teachers, communication coaches, and disciplers in the lives of the students.
  • Pray that the students and staff members will grow in their effectiveness of proclaiming the truths and message of Christ.
  • Pray that the students and staff members will develop in their art and be challenged how to use their art for the glory of God.
  • Pray for God to prepare the hearts of those who will hear the gospel through the students this summer.

Thank you so much for your prayers! I look forward to telling you how the Lord has answered them!

Attention Prayer Warriors:

A new Summer Project prayer request will be posted at the following places every weekday during the project, which ends July 29:

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