“The Audition” Wins Awards…And Hearts

“Best Visual Effects” and “Best Actor” – those awards were won at the Western Kentucky University Film Festival by “The Audition” (http://vimeo.com/28027422). Kudos go to the four students on the 2011 Keynote Summer Project Film Track, who wrote and produced this short film.

During the Summer Project the students also learned how to put together a program of short films, how to ask open-ended questions about the films, and how to include their personal story in the context of the stories on film.

One of those Film Track students was Caleb Shives. When he returned to South Dakota State University in the fall he decided to put his Summer Project training into practice by hosting his own short film outreach. Caleb’s future sister-in-law was in the audience that night, and this is what she says about the impact of that event:

“The Audition” did in fact change my life.

I was struggling with my faith and the party scene when I came back to college my sophomore year here at State. When Caleb decided to show the video for all of us, it was perfect timing. Kind of a God thing I like to call it…. After that night I knew that’s where God was calling me—to jump into faith and become his follower.

So I left my party scene and I jumped into getting to know God personally. I started getting discipled and actually went to TCX [the Cru winter conference in the twin cities] and became a follower there the last night of the conference. I’ve grown a lot since then and met some great people….

… I can’t thank God enough for putting him [Caleb] in my life …

Thank God with me for how He has used “The Audition” to change lives, and please pray that He will continue to use it. Please pray also for the seven students coming for this year’s Film Track as they produce a short film and learn how to use films for outreach. (The 2012 Keynote Summer Project begins June 19, and I will be one of the communication coaches for the Film Track students.) And pray that whether or not the film they produce wins awards, God will use it to win hearts.

The Audition from Transworld Squirrel on Vimeo.

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