O. T. Journal: Jeremiah and Lamentations


The first part of Jeremiah, with its predictions of Judah’s exile & return, sometimes seems to ping-pong between the two rather quickly. To be honest, I found the narrative portions somewhat confusing for my western mind to listen to because they are not in chronological order. I’d definitely have to spend some time with the written version before I could see the reason for putting them in that order. The main lesson I see is an insight into God’s character: although He is incredibly patient, He will punish those who continue to resist Him; but He will not completely abandon His people. Lamentations seems relatively straightforward in comparison, with its poetic expression of grief for the destruction of Judah and Jerusalem and for Jeremiah’s experience of persecution. The word pictures do a wonderful job of portraying Jeremiah’s feelings.

(This was a seminary class assignment originally dated October 18, 2006.  I made minor edits before posting in this blog.For an introduction and table of contents for this series, see New Series: Old Testament Reading Journal)

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