Reaching Students in India

Keynote’s band Stone has just returned from a month-long concert tour in southern India. Here are a few stories from band members about what they saw God do.


After outreaches in the city of Kochi, which is mainly Hindu, Shawna (the band’s photographer) shared this:

“Before one of our first shows, I was talking with a group of college girls and one of them asked me, ‘Why do you believe in God?’  Hello…open door!! :)  I was able to delve into the gospel with about 4 or 5 of these women.  They had some great questions.”

Bassist Chris had a similar story to tell:

“After the concert today… I got into a conversation with four female students. After telling me how much they liked the music, one of them named Sharon asked why I believe in Jesus Christ. I got to share my story with these four young women and have a good conversation about their beliefs. I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to hear their stories and share mine. Pray that God stirs the lives of these women.”

Finally, lead guitarist Scott wrote:

“Calicut, our second tour stop, has a strong Muslim population. That has led to some GREAT post-concert conversations about Jesus, and how he’s not JUST a prophet (as Islam teaches) but that He is, in fact, God.

“One of my favorite interactions was when Teresa, our lead singer, was talking to some Muslim girls. After getting the usual ‘You have your God, we have ours…’ response, she dug a little deeper with them about Jesus. She told them that one of her favorite things about Jesus was the way he treated women. That piqued their interest, and she challenged them to read more about Him in the Bible, and not just in the Koran, to get a fuller idea of who He really was.”


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