Words Give Life

“We have something for you!” She handed me a white envelope with my name on it. As the seven people I was coaching looked on with expectant expressions on their faces, I took the envelope and turned it over to open it. On the back I saw that one of them had written this verse on it: “Like a fountain of water, the words of a good person give life.” (Proverbs 10:11, International Children’s Bible)

My smile grew as I pulled out the card and saw a picture of Mickey Mouse (we were in Orlando, after all!) holding out a bouquet of flowers under the word “thanks.” Warmth filled my heart as I opened the card to see a personal note from each of the seven.

One wrote, “Thanks so much for your kind encouragement this week! You have really impacted me – thanks for being our coach!” And from another: “Thanks for investing in me this week! You’ve helped me and challenged me to grow & be more effective up front. Thank you!”

I think you can see why I love this part of my job. :-)

Like everyone who attended Comm Lab, these seven Cru staff members had started with varying levels of skill and confidence. During our small group coaching times each one of them took my coaching tips to heart as they practiced public speaking skills together. Watching them make strides in their communication skills was like watching them come to life right in front of me.

They had written the verse on my envelope to tell me that my words as their coach had given them life. But perhaps they didn’t realize that their words had given life, too. They had given life to one another as they cheered each other on all week, and they had given life to me through their card and encouragement. And their words will continue to give life as they communicate God’s message to others.

3-18-2016 CL small group
These are the seven Cru staff members I coached at Comm Lab.


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