Bands Heading Overseas

Our Artist Team uses live music and comedy to communicate the gospel message. The team also provides worship leaders for various Cru conferences and runs the Worship Arts Weekend training conference for Cru students every spring and fall.

StoneAnother major focus for the Artist Team is to provide a resource for Cru’s various international ministries. Two bands are heading overseas in the coming weeks.

The band Stone will tour Australia from August 18 to September 8. Amazingly, they will perform outreach concerts directly in high schools. This is possible because Australia has a state church, so high schools are actually required to conduct religious education! However, the government is being pressured to remove this religious education component. As this door is quickly closing, the Australian staff have invited Stone to come take advantage of the opportunity to share Christ while it still exists.

The second band leaves in September to spend three weeks in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, located between Russia and Turkey. Georgian staff members are hoping to start their own music ministry, so they will receive training from our team during the first half of the trip. During the second half, our band will perform outreach concerts on college campuses to share the gospel with college students.

republicofgeorgiaPrayer Requests

Please pray for the members of these two bands.

  • Safe travel both during the long flights and in country
  • Clear communication of the gospel during concerts and one-to-one conversations
  • That God would move in hearts so that many students would trust Christ
  • Effective training of the Georgian staff members to equip them to start their own music ministry
  • Dependence on the Holy Spirit for band members as they face the stresses of cross-cultural ministry

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