Leading Students to the Throne

One of my teammates recently led worship at the Cru Winter Conference in Minneapolis. He later received this story from the conference director.

“There is a student named Brad [not his real name] from South Dakota State University. Brad is not a believer, but hangs around Cru all the time. Funny I know….he knows he’s not a believer, everyone else knows he’s not a believer, but Cru is his community. He actually grew up in a Christian home, but could never bring himself to place his own faith in Christ.

“At Winter Conference, you guys were leading us in the song ‘No Other Name.’ God started to do something in Brad’s heart. As the lyrics, ‘Chains will break as heaven and earth sing,’ were sung – Brad said he couldn’t help it…all of the things he heard about God growing up all clicked and he just had to make them his own. In the ballroom, as you guys were leading us to the throne of Christ through worship, Brad placed his faith in Christ for the first time.

“Brad shared this story at Campus Time. Then yesterday as the staff team gathered together, one of our staff girls shared that on that very day, as that song begin to play, the Lord placed a huge burden on her heart for Brad. In that moment all she could do was pray. She prayed that God would make himself real to Brad and that he would truly understand God’s love for him. She didn’t know what happened with those prayers, until Campus Time on the last night.

“The power of prayer, the power of worship, the power and pursuit of an Almighty God that never quits chasing us….

“Thanks for all you do…”

What a tremendous privilege to lead people to the throne of grace!


Denise DiSarro

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I am a staff member with Cru, a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. I work on a creative team in the Indianapolis area.
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