Comm Lab 2017

Just one week after the end of the three Big Break conferences I worked at in Panama City Beach during March, I headed up another week-long conference in Orlando. This was our annual Comm Lab, held this year in Orlando from April 3-7.

Comm Lab main session

Compared to the hundreds of college students who attended each week of Big Break, the 37 attending Comm Lab sounds small. Yet these staff members of Cru and other ministries have far-reaching influence, so it’s a privilege to help them develop as communicators of God’s message.

As the event planner, I coordinated both the team and the curriculum. Messages discussed a wide variety of topics: insights from the Book of Proverbs on the power of words, how to build bridges with those who need to hear the gospel, steps to writing a talk, writing and using stories from your personal life, delivery skills such as eye contact and gestures, and more. Our team of very capable coaches did a wonderful job with both delivering and demonstrating the material.

leading a workshop

In addition to teaching a workshop on a talk-writing technique called storyboarding (above), I co-coached one of the small groups where participants practiced their delivery skills during what we call “Comm Drills” (below).

coaching at Comm Lab

I loved being part of what God was doing that week in the lives of these precious servants of the gospel! You were also part of God’s work during Comm Lab through your partnership with my ministry. Thank you for helping equip missionaries to communicate the message of Christ to those who need to hear!

Responses to Comm Lab 2017

“I loved getting feedback from experienced coaches. The content was relevant and easy to refer back to when needed. My communication skills were honed, making me more comfortable with taking on speaking engagements.”
– B. H.

“The lectures and the drills were extremely beneficial. We were given the theory of speaking then allowed to practice, practice, practice. That really helped me to internalize and put into practice the theory. In addition, having a great coach (go Don!) to help give guidance while practicing was critical. I also enjoyed the time/space we were given to meet with God. I was impressed by how much focus was given to intimacy with the Lord. It was encouraging and meaningful.”
– C. B.

“I thought the emphasis to stay connected to Jesus was great. ‘It’s out of the overflow of the heart that the mouth speaks’ We can’t expect to glorify Him with our words if we’re not in His. The practical techniques were very helpful. Dan and Vicki were great coaches. I appreciated the vulnerability of the speakers in their messages. Thank you all so much!”
– M. G.

Prayer Requests

  • For those who attended Comm Lab to continue to learn and grow as communicators.
  • For spiritual and emotional refreshment after a very busy spring.
  • For focus, discipline and God’s provision as I seek for new financial ministry partners in Indiana this summer.
  • For healing from recent dental work. After breaking a tooth in February, I had a root canal on that tooth April 27 and had a temporary crown put in May 11. Pray that all pain will be gone by June 1 when the permanent crown is put in.

Thank you for praying!

Denise DiSarro

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I am a staff member with Cru, a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. I work on a creative team in the Indianapolis area.
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