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Here are some encouraging items from other Keynote staff.

From The Boyds, who use contemporary music, humor and drama to reach out to couples and families:

“150 people attended this Executive Ministry Valentine’s dinner at a beautiful country club in northern NJ, which had an incredible view of the Manhattan skyline. It was a breathtaking scene. Of those 150, around half of them were non-believers, so it was a perfect opportunity to present Christ! At the end of the evening when the cards were turned in, 29 had indicated decisions to give their lives to the Lord, 13 checked that they wanted further information about a relationship with God, and 13 also wanted to be in a Bible study!! We were blown away. It meant that almost 40% of the non-believers had responded to the gospel!”

From Keynote staffers Bryan & Laurie Horvath in New York City:

“… a HUGE praise to God … Finding an apartment here is amazingly difficult (one you can afford, where they accept our CCC salary, that is bigger than a shoe box, safe, NOT a 6 story walk-up, etc…). Basically, God moved and we found a great apartment in our same neighborhood and even secured a two-year lease (very rare)where the rent does not increase the second year (never happens…). They accepted our financial situation (making less than half their required amount) without question and even the rental agents were amazed that we got a two-year lease with no increase (they said, ‘Boy, that manager must have been in a really good mood today!’ Go God!). And the building is extremely family friendly, in a better location, closer to the subways and Central Park, and we’ll actually have two bedrooms for the four of us! We’re really happy.”

Michael & Lisa Anderson are serving in Singapore for a year as part of Keynote’s partnership with ForeRunner, the music ministry of Singapore Campus Crusade for Christ. Lisa writes:

“Thank you so much for your continued prayers. On Wednesday [March 23] the Chinese band ‘7Days’ (that Michael plays drums for) had a concert here in Singapore at a local high school. They were able to present an evangelistic program to over 400 students. 128 students accepted Christ!!!! Join us in praising God for the decisions made and pray for the students to continue to grow in their new relationship with Christ.”

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