What’s On Your Plate?

In Connecticut they’re called potlucks, in Indiana they’re pitch-ins, and down south they’re covered dish dinners. But the result is the same: a plate full (and sometimes overflowing!) with a wonderful assortment of yummy morsels. That full plate also happens to be a fitting metaphor for the variety of responsibilities and activities I have in my life right now. Here are some of the “tasty” items that have been on my plate since I last wrote (not in any particular order):

  • Teaching a Program Development class (i.e., how to plan a concert program) to the program committees for the six summer project bands
  • Sending monthly emails to remind staff of training they still need to complete (it’s not as time-consuming as it sounds – the process is automated, thanks to my computer whiz teammate Mike)
  • Attending weekly meetings with the rest of the Staff Development team
  • Participating on the Senior Pastor Search Committee for my church, which includes meeting once or twice a week, reading resumes and references, listening to sermons, and planning & conducting preliminary interviews with candidates
  • Planning the class calendar for the summer, which includes classes for our summer project students, additional classes for the new staff who arrive before the students, and upper level classes for our senior staff to prepare them for summer project responsibilities
  • Making weekly phone calls to coach one of our new staff through her initial support raising time
  • Coordinating a small cell group at church (I’m the point person, but everyone in the group takes turns leading)
  • Attending weekly prayer & business meeting with all the Keynote staff
  • Participating on a committee to give input to Keynote’s Graphics Department as they revamp Keynote’s web site
  • Singing at church with the regular worship team and with a special small choir for Good Friday & Easter services
  • Recording training-related information in Keynote’s Human Resources database (for example., which training modules people want to be enrolled in and which ones they have finished)
  • Scheduling the four classes that make up our Office Track Module
  • Writing this prayer letter! :-)
  • And fun things, too, like attending a birthday dinner for my favorite 12-year-old, working on my hobby (my web site) and watching videos with friends :-)

Well, that’s what’s on my plate – what’s on yours? I can guess one item: your partnership with me in ministry! Thank you for keeping ME on your plate through your gifts and prayers!

Denise DiSarro

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I am a staff member with Cru, a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. I work on a creative team in the Indianapolis area.
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