Hey everyone! Man it’s awesome how God’s been working in everyone’s bands so far! We arrived in south carolina, bobby’s stompin grounds (he let out a “yeehaw” when we crossed the border), on thursday night. Our first show was on a deck on Myrtle beach, an interesting setup that resulted in Raul and Ethan standing on benches, but the student venture kids we were playing to loved us. We weren’t able to share the gospel or use comment cards, but I’m fully confident that God used us there to further His kingdom.

Two days ago we got to play in Fort Jackson, which was amazing. One of the comment cards read “God needs more hardcore rockers.” Amen brotha! There were 150 soldiers in attendance, many of them already believers (we took the place of a church service). It was awesome to see how much we touched the lives of the soldiers there. They had a tremendous amount of energy. It was fully evangelistic and resulted in 20 decisions for Christ and 24 who want to know more. I remember there was a soldier who had caught my pick during the concert, he came up to me afterwards wanted me to sign it. I was really touched by how much it really meant to him. It was wonderful to be able to serve those who are serving us.

We are in orlando at the moment, looking at shows wednesday, thursday, and friday. If everyone could be praying for our booking situation because those three shows are the only ones we have left, and yet another show fell through today. But we’re totally confident that God will provide. Anyways, that’s all for now. We’ll be praying for everyone!

In Christ

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