Emergency Prayer for POP

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

We need some prayer. A few major attacks have hit our group in the past twenty-four hours. First, Eugene the bus is currently in the shop getting his air conditioning system and a tire fixed. He will be done this afternoon hopefully.

Then, yesterday afternoon, Drew, our tenor, got a sore throat and has ceased talking in an attempt to preserve his voice. Please pray for him.

Next, last night at about midnight, Chris, our drummer, had severe severe pain in his stomach. He was also throwing up a lot and there was blood due to the irritation of all the vomitting. At about 5:00am he was rushed to the emergency room. They think it may have been food poisoning or some viral infection. He’s out now, but as he puts it “he feels like dying.” They gave him morphine at the hospital, and now he’s on Vicodin and also Phenergan, which is an anti-nausea drug. Please pray that he’ll feel better and that God would restore him.

God is amazingly faithful in that this is our day off, so the enemy attacked, but God timed it perfectly. I continue to be astonished at the Lord’s provision, for we were able to hook up with Swerve today and are currently in their host’s home. Chris is sleeping upstairs!

Love you guys,
We covet your prayers,
Christy, alto POP

P.S. I just want to say that I’m so proud of Chris, for when we prayed together this morning he said, “Lord, if it be your will to let this cup pass from me, then please do it. But if not, if it’s Your will for me to go through this trial, Your will de done.” God bless him for his faith!!!

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