Fair Dinkum!

I’ll let the team tell you what that means:-)

God continues to rock souls here in Australia. We have seen 153 people come to Christ and at least 140 people wanting to talk with someone about Jesus. Now that deserves a big AMEN!

It hasn’t been a piece of cake, the challenges keep coming. Tonight we did a concert at Blacktown Anglican Church. There were 60 in attendance. There were quite a few guys and gals jumping & dancing close to the stage. I was taking it all in when Kristen (the assistant to the main crusade guy here) mentioned that she thought a young man had some broken glass in his hand. I walked up behind him and heard him say, “okay, he’s gonna jump down our way, I got it”. What he had was a fair sized piece of plexiglass with one end shaped like a blade…it was extremely sharp. I saw him take it and point it in the direction of Seth (Seth had been stage diving). I quickly tapped him on the shoulder and as he turned towrds me, I asked him for it. He said it wasn’t his, that it “fell out” of the other guy’s backpack. I said I didn’t care whose it was, but that I wanted it. He handed it over. Funny thing…he and his buddies stayed for the whole concert and helped the team tear down.

This was just a reminder to me of the enemy at work. He’s doing all he can to stop what our bands are doing. I don’t know about the rest of you…I for one am rejoicing that the Word is going out, people are being ushered from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light, and we are being changed in the process. GO GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Know that we are praying for you all and are anxious to hear what God is doing in your lives.

From Capt. O’s Mum:-)

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