Soul Connection #3

Hey Family,

First and foremost we are definately in prayer for each and every band and realize that the attacks of the enemy are only a sign of his anger at the work that God is doing through us as a collective Keynote family this summer. Our band just arrived in South Carolina, and tomorrow we will be playing at Fort Jackson Army Base so please keep us in your prayers.

Last Thursday we sang at a Youth Rally in Louisville, Kentucky. God moved and allowed us to individually minister to several kids and their parents as well.

Quick COOL story:
Just to show how God works on our behalf in the midst of our mess ups, I was in the midst of leading a song and I COMPLETELY forgot the words and could not remember them upon first starting my 1st verse (I dont know why but I think I was still meditating on the words Crystal, one of our vocalists, said during her Gospel presentation) so I just sang whatever words came to mind and come to find out I sang all the words to both of my verses, just in reverse order…without any repetitions! God is able to move through us even in our mistakes!

We weren’t given the permission to pass out comment cards because of lack of time, however, we were able to talk one on one with many of the audience members before and after the show and encourage them to continue maintain a fire for God.

One last really cool thing that has happened over that past few days was our opportunity to share the gospel with our waitress at dinner tonight. A couple members of the band talked to her about why we were on tour, prayed for her, and gave her a copy of the four spiritual laws. She seemed suprised and said that she really appreciated the prayer and the booklet. We also gave a copy of the four spiritual laws to the buss boy at our table! Gospel sharing is an all day everyday blessing…..not just a once in awhile duty.

We have a few prayer requests that we would like for you all to keep in mind. Please pray for our renewed strength, for Crystal as she continues allowing God to use her in sharing the gospel, for our continued health, and for the souls that have been reached and those to come!

Stay blessed,
Renee W. 1/10 of the Soul Seed Family

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