The plane has landed!

Hello friends,

Captain O finally made it back to Indy…we pulled into our driveway at 2:00am this morning. Thanks Jen, Laura D, and JJ for picking us up.

I wish I had the adequate words to say regarding our trip to Australia. We are all finding it hard to comprehend all that we saw God do – in and around us.

All in all, in the course of 10 days we had 18 concerts (we added one after we arrived) and shared the Gospel & performed for more than 2700 people. There were some “tough” crowds and Seth did an amazing job at drawing them in. We had very few sound/equipment issues, our transportation was tight (meaning we were crammed in) but it worked, our host homes were perfect for each us, and our flights on both sides went fairly well. Now I know you’re wanting to hear the final stats so here ya go:

Attendance 2739
Cards returned 1491 (took a little time to sort these babies out)
# wanting to talk about God 279
Re-dedications 01
Decisions for Christ 271!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Autographs signed 1000+

To sum this up all I can say is…go God!!!!

See you tonight,

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