“There is a time for everything…” – Ecclesiastes 3:1

A Time To Teach…

–New Staff & Interns–

November brings our annual core training session for Keynote’s new staff and interns. We had five great people this year; it was fun to get to know them and a privilege to serve them. I taught several classes in addition to coordinating the training as a whole by arranging the schedule, teachers, and materials.

Before our new staff arrive here for the core training sessions, they do several computerized self-study lessons on a CD-ROM that I put together a few years ago. I was very encouraged by this comment about the CD from one of our new staff:

This CD is awesome.  Thank you Denise, for putting this together. Just tonight I was pouring over it and finding much needed encouragement.  God is blessing me through your work!

–Senior Staff–

The Institute of Biblical Studies (IBS) is Campus Crusade’s theological training for staff.  Since it can be challenging for Keynote touring staff to get to these classes, we decided to hold an intensive one-week Church History course here. I completed IBS a long time ago, so I was the teaching assistant for the professor. Basically, that means I helped him with administrative things like keeping track of the progress students made on their assignments. It was fun to sit in on the class (without having to do the assignments myself!), and rewarding to help develop our senior staff.

Here’s a fun fact: our IBS professor wrote the script for The Scarlet Thread of Redemption, an evangelistic media show for Russia that I worked on in 1993!

…A Time To Learn

I’m almost finished with my latest class at the local extension site for Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. This Introduction to the Old Testament course has been a lot of work — reading the entire Old Testament plus the four books pictured here, writing a journal on my Bible reading, and three quizzes and a final exam! But it’s been worth it, because I have a much better understanding of the “big picture” of the Old Testament, seeing themes and connections that I didn’t before.

…A Time To Go To Brazil!

Yes, I’ll be taking a  ten-day trip to Brazil in January! Three other Keynote staff and I will help my dear friend Janiê  Sucupira train student musicians.  Janiê directs the new music ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ in Brazil. I’ll save the details for my next letter!  :-)

…And A Time To Celebrate Birthdays!

Keynote is 40 years old! It all started in 1966, when Dr. Bill Bright invited a student band from the University of Minnesota to join the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ. Happy Birthday, Keynote!

It doesn’t seem possible, but I just celebrated my 50th birthday. My, my, where does the time fly!!

Denise DiSarro

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