Changed Lives: The Students Speak

The students that attended Keynote’s Summer Music Project are now back home or on their campuses for another year of study. But before they left, they gave us their perspective on their time with us. Here are a few of their comments:

“Being a part of this project gave me a chance to listen to God and hear how much He wants my heart.”

“God used many situations on this project to teach me that we represent Christ always and what comes out of my mouth might be the only Jesus they get.”

“Wow….for the first time I fully felt the presence of God through scripture, prayer, and worship. I also have never really asked Jesus to be the pilot of my life, and this summer I have committed my mind and soul to glorifying God. Thank you.”

“I’ve seen this summer how God fulfills more than music, talent, or relationships. Whatever I do, it’s all about God.”

Rejoice in what God has done!

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