6/15/07: Fort Collins, Co

God blessed us with amazing weather for our first outdoor show in Colorado! A local church sponsored the event, graciously providing us with food and smiles! The concert had a large amount of children, which was very refreshing. A 12 year-old girl started a relationship with God! We were very blessed with wonderful hospitality.

6/16/07: Fort Collins, Co

Wow. God has continued to teach and humble us as we continue our tour. We entered this outdoor concert sponsored by a homeless shelter a bit worried due to limited access to power. The show started out with many shelter residents, but continued to grow as the show progressed. After the show we had the opportunity to chat with many shelter residents. I can say that I was personally inspired and humbled. 8 people started a relationship with God! We are so excited and continue to pray that we (Swerve) continue to keep God as our center:).

6/18/07: Las Cruces, New Mexico

Can you say beautiful?! God’s beauty was so breathtaking and majestic. We arrived in New Mexico late in the evening and spent the next morning catching up on much needed sleep while J.J. and Adam drove to Texas to fix Eugene’s [the bus] air conditioner (yippppeeee!) Our show was held outside in a band shelter (way cool, crazy fun paint job). We had some technical difficulties (guitar mishaps,etc.). Aaron, our guitar player, made a good point, reminding us that satan is always ready to attack. 3 people started a relationship with God! Kristin and I had an amazing opportunity to speak to a group of young girls, only one who spoke English. We were blessed with amazing host families and weather.

We are so excited to serve God and thank all of you for your prayers!

God Bless,

Swerve (Kirsten)

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